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Sunil Jain, the deputy General Manager of Goa Economic Census, a state located on the southwest coast of India where casino is legal, has declared that the benefits of gambling will be considered as income earned in an economic activity in places where casino and gambling is legal. The Union Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation have already started an economic census to collect the necessary information for the application of this new regulation. That means that a tax will be deducted from casino winnings.

Note that Goa has a dozen casinos. Among them is Casino Carnival Goa which is one of the biggest entertainment centers of the capital, Pinaji. The property is mostly known for its table games. Casino Royale is in the other side a well known gambling destination in the small village of Arpora located in North Goa. It offers various games like Baccarat, American Roulette, blackjack and slot machines.

As you probably know, if you are in love with poker, last  week, it was the WSOP series. So, the atmosphere was quite stressful when the games arrived at the paid places, 7319 players and only 747 among them will return to their home with a reward.

The end of the series are over with the qualification of 9 of them for the fantastic final that will take place in Las Vegas in November for the new season of Poker.

This is the list of the qualified players:

Jonathan Duhamel(65,975,000) (Canada)

Joseph Cheong(23,525,000)(USA)

John Racener (19,050,000) (USA)

John Dolan (46,250,000) (USA)

Matthew Jarvis (16,700,000) (Canada)

Soi Nguyen(9,650,000) (USA)

Filippo Candido (16,400,000) (Italie)

Jason Senti (7,625,000 de jetons) (USA)

Michael Mizrachi (14,450,000) (USA)

So as you can observe, 6 of them are Americans, 2 Canadians and 1 Italian. In this kind of tournament, Americans are quite good and it is their culture, so, don’t be so frustrated if you can’t see more Europeans at this tournament.

On Saturday, there was just 27 players left at 12 pm and only 9 places for the final table. The last day finished on Sunday actually and it was very impressive to see such a long poker day.

One of the finalists, Jonathan Duhamel, is probably the one who will win the final in November.  On Sunday, he eliminated 3 players in a row with just amazing game. For the last elimination, Jonathan Duhamel received a straight on the river and he was playing all in against an American who got a pocket ACES. They were all in and Jonathan didn’t know at the time that he will get a straight, it was just unbelievable.  Jonathan will be the cheap leader in November with a pot of $66 millions.

Most of the players got their invitation through Internet and the only one that will be very dangerous would be the American Michael Mizrachi, who is the only one with experience and who already won a bracelet during one of the SWOP final.

This final is promised of a lot of surprise, some will proctect their position and some would like to become the chips leader. An event that you can’t miss , so be with us for the biggest event of poker in the world.

The rewards for the WSOP final will be the following:

1st: 8,944,138 dollars
2nd: 5,545,855
3rd: 4,129,979
4th: 3,092,497
5th: 2,332,960
6th: 1,772,939
7th: 1,356,708
8th: 1,045,738
9eth: 811,823

A total of $ 29,032,637, that is just amazing. Nevertheless, in my opinion, with amount for me it is just a little bit crazy especially in our economic system but Casinos and Poker are here to bring to you some dreams and realise the impossible!  So, the good thing is that most of them used to play poker online, that is means that I have a chance maybe one day to finish in one of these incredible tournament and why not you too!

In “Craps” the name of the game is the losing throw and contrary to popular belief in this socially engaging game – the past roll of the dice do not influence future outcomes. This is why craps has engendered itself so well to the use of the RNG and online play. It is a completely random game where the skill lies in placing bets. Dice, like goldfish and RNG’s, have no memory, so avoid these popular misconceptions. 

Learn a couple of basic strategies and implement them in this game where casinos offer fair odds, and simply hope for your luck to be in. There are two rounds to every game, the same as the number of dice, and the aim of the game is to shoot a “point” on the come out roll.  

The shooter bets first and gets ready to roll, players usually follow his lead and place a pass line bet or don’t pass line bet. With a 7 or 11 roll the pass line bet wins, with a 2,3, or 12 they lose and any other number becomes the “point” and only wins if the same number lands on the next throw before a 7 comes out. While the opposite is true of a don’t pass line bet, except if the point is rolled.

Wagers are placed against the casino, the round of shooting continues as long as the shooter keeps winning. When he loses, the dice is passed on to the next player by the stickman. In Craps there five casino staff members manning the table and this makes it the most labour intensive game on the casino floor. There are two dealers a replacement dealer, a banker and a stickman. 
Craps players never mention the word “7” at the table, it is called, “that number”, “big red”, “the devil” or worse, but never 7. Saying this word is the fastest way to clear a craps table.